Warning! Is this the best low calorie diet plan?

Do you think this is a good protocol for getting rid of cellulite? 

1. Eat 1,000 calories a dayBanish the B.S.

2. Do vigorous “cardio” exercise for 40 minutes in the morning

3. Do “weights” exercise for 40 minutes in the evening

Rinse, repeat and watch your cellulite disappear. Or until you grind to a screeching halt.

What is wrong with this?

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How to Fight Cellulite Naturally with Collagen

Fight Cellulite Naturally by Boosting your Collagen

fight cellulite naturallyOh no, you cry, more boring biology lessons. I don’t care WHY I have cellulite, I just want it gone!

Well the good news is I’m not going to bore you with fibroblasts and proline and all the other fascinating scientific facts about collagen. For the geeks among you, head over to Wikipedia for an inspiring read.

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